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9 de January de 2010 / General

After a 6 week closure (August – Sept.), tataya has re-opened. We took this opportunity to improve the gallery space and to travel and buy new stock. New stock also means ¨New Look¨. Although tataya hasn´t changed its philosophy, we thought we would like to give some boost to our look. We have always been…

9 de January de 2010 / General

Once more, Tataya has the pleasure to invite you to an exhibition of contemporary art. This time, we have chosen a young artist who is making her ¨début¨ with our gallery. Lizette Abraham is a young Yucatecan artist. Her work is highly individual, combining intensity with an unusual technique and a breathtaking fresh energy and…

9 de January de 2010 / General

Dear friends and clients, Galería Tataya is having its first Christmas Bazaar on Friday 7th and Saturday 8th December, from 11 am till 7 pm, together with APIS, an Institution whose aim is to help and improve the quality of life of women subjected to violence at home. It is our pleasure to contribute to…

9 de January de 2010 / General

Solid iron wrought today akin the artisans in Spanish Renaissance and brought over by the monks. Made today in workshops (some over 200 years old), the models come from 16th, 17th and 18th century original pieces, mainly form churches and palaces. They are original works of art, each being created individually with the same care,…